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SCOTUSblog has a link to a chart released by C-SPAN that shows a history of all of their requests for same-day oral argument audio recordings. The first time audio recordings were released on an expedited schedule was for Bush v. Gore in 2000. I’ve been looking at the data with an eye towards gleaning a [...]

The NY Times has an interesting story about Ted Olson’s participation in the same-sex marriage case out of California. It isn’t particularly insightful, but this case could become important in the next few years so it’s nice to know a bit more about it. The article does note however, that Olson has won 44 out [...]

The Supreme Court today decided FCC v. Fox in favor of allowing the FCC to punish broadcasters for even single utterances of explicit language. The opinion can be found

Key Cases Outstanding as of December 2008

With the release today of Altria Group v. Good, the court has left several high-profile cases yet to be decided. Bear in mind that over the last few terms the average number of days between argument and decision has hovered around 90 and, with only 70 days having passed since the start of the term, [...]

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