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The Washington Post had a article recently about the way in which more and more American’s are viewing the court as too conservative. 33% of Americans feel that the Court is too conservative and only 47% believe that the court is balanced. 55% of Americans agree with the court’s ruling in Carhart but 70% disagree [...]

All of the law blogs on the internet are exploding with analysis about how the 2006 term is the sign of a major revolution in Constitutional Theory that will undo a lot of the moderate-conservative work of the Rhenquist Court (1985-2005). Balkanization, SCOTUSblog, The New York Times here and here, Washington Post, Prawfsblawg, Georgetown Law [...]

Oh Ruth

My new favorite picture ever. Ruth Bader (Justice Ginsburg?) looks wonderfully uncomfortable in front of what looks like a 7th grade science fair project. Click on the picture for a high-res version and click here to see the website the picture comes from.

Justice Ginsburg has been one of this term’s most prolific dissenters. Ginsburg penned the caustic dissent in Carhart and again more recently in Ledbetter. While Ginsburg has always been a vocal advocate of women’s rights, the Court’s present state is perfect for Ginsburg to voice her opinion in a way we’ve almost never seen before. [...]

The court today handed down a ruling in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.. With Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito making up a majority, the Court held 5-4 that pay raises made outside of the statute of limitations were not protected under the Civil Rights Act. The decision makes [...]

After yesterday’s dense post, this one is much, much lighter. About 2,200 words lighter. During oral arugments in Office of Senator Mark Dayton v. Hanson one of the arguing attorney’s calling Justice Souter by the wrong name. Ownage ensued. MS. MANNING: No Justice Ginsburg, there has been no waiver — JUSTICE SOUTER: I’m Justice Souter. [...]

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