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The court’s last cases are being handed down as I type this. The conservative block of the court wins the Leegin, a case revolving around vertical integration and pricing laws. The court’s liberal block won a death penalty case that now upholds laws that restrict the use of the death penalty on people who have [...]

Ever since Harper’s Weekly started charging for access to their monthly index, I’ve been deprived of news by numbers. Now that I’ve finished my index(!), I think its as good a time as any to do some analysis. Try to follow along: Number of Opinions handed down by this point last year: 52 Number of [...]

While I tend to agree with the Court’s essential ruling in Smith v. Harris I think the way in which they got there is highly suspect. The Court ruled in this case on a summary judgement, which is to say the Court ruled in this case without a full trial in the lower courts. The [...]

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