The Supreme Court released four opinions today, and each was 8-1. You can find all of the opinions here.

CompuCredit v. Greenwood, a case centering around arbitration clauses, is especially interested. In an opinion written by Justice Scalia, the Supreme Court somewhat predictably upheld an arbitration agreement and read the Credit Repair Organizations Act’s nonwavier provision narrowly enough to allow the Federal Arbitration Act’s presumption of enforceability to prevail. At this point, Supreme Court opinions upholding arbitration clauses almost feel pro forma. Justice Ginsburg dissented.

Justice Ginsburg also provided the lone dissenting vote in Minneci v. Pollard. Over the past ten years, Justice Ginsburg has only provided the lone dissenting vote about once every other term (.5 times per year), so it was especially surprising to see her do it twice in one day. During the Roberts Court, there have been an average of 7.4 8-1 decisions per year, making today’s barrage of 8-1 opinions even more surprising.

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