I’ve been pillaging the Supreme Court’s website in search of PDFs that I can archive for future reference. Using the Court’s website and the wayback machine, I’ve collected the following packs. Note that OT09 selections are necessarily incomplete because the term is technically ongoing.

I’ve included the sets individually below, but brave souls may wish to download all of them together here (640mb).

Bound Volumes
A PDF version of the US Reports volumes.
Volumes 502-548

Slip Lists
These slip lists are 1-2 sentence summaries of opinions that can be found on the Court’s website here.

Court Calendar
The Court’s calendar.

Granted/Noted Case List
A list of the cases scheduled for oral argument and full briefing every term.

Hearing Lists
A list of the cases heard each month and the attorneys arguing those cases.
OT04-OT09 (including OT02 and OT99 incomplete)

The Supreme Court’s annual journal, including statistics and a detailed account of action taken in almost every case.

(excludes bench opinions and opinions related to orders).
OT02-OT09 (OT99-OT01 incomplete)

Oral Argument Transcripts

Orders Lists
OT03-OT09 (note that there will probably be additional orders issued during OT09)

SCOTUSblog Stat Pack
A compilation of SCOTUSblog’s stat packs, which can also be found on SCOTUSwiki here.

Guide for Counsel in Cases to be Argued
OT02-OT07, OT09

1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 Revisions (including supporting memorandum where available)

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