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The market for legal news and analysis has expanded as quickly as any other and, to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of useful, interesting, and entertaining twitter-ers. For those of you who hate twitter, don’t forget that each of these pages has an RSS feed that you can add to your reader of choice.

The News Feeds:
These feeds mainly post links to articles from their affiliated sources. Not much more explanation needed.
@ap_courtside – A feed run by AP Supreme Court reporters Jesse J. Holland and Mike Sherman.
@fedsoc – The Federalist Society’s twitter feed that features links to a variety of news sources. Would our founders have envisioned twitter?
@acslaw – An interesting feed from the American Constitution Society, the left’s response to the Fed. Soc.
@atlblog – ATL’s main feed that features some original content but mostly links to freshly-minted ATL articles.
@legal_times – The Legal Times’ feed includes almost exclusively links to LT and NLJ articles.
@volokhc – This feed is only populated with links to VC posts.

The Personalities:
@scotusblog – The internet’s premier Supreme Court news blog recently revamped their twitter feed to provide some interesting and insightful commentary from the key contributors to the blog. Their secondary feed, @scotusblogposts, provides an RSS-style list of their posts.
@tonymauro – The National Law Journal’s veteran Supreme Court reporter posts on this feed with surprising frequency, although many of his tweets are simply links to his articles.
@jessbravin – Jess Bravin is the Supreme Court reporter for the WSJ. He posts quite a bit of off-beat legal news to his feed.
@joanbiskupic – Biskupic is the USA Today’s veteran Supreme Court reporter.
@lawrencehurley – Hurley reports on the Supreme Court for the the LA Daily Journal and he typically posts a variety of articles to his twitter.
@cbsandrewcohen – CBS’s legal correspondent tweets about a variety of issues at the Supreme Court and retweets interesting article from different sources.
@ninatotenberg- NPR’s chief legal correspondence.
@davidlat – Above the Law’s founder and managing editor (and Fed Soc. socialite) David Lat posts some interesting commentary on his twitter and, thankfully, most of it isn’t law-related.
@kashhill – Another ATL personality, Kashmir Hill is an editor and joined the team a few years ago.
@ElieNYC – Yawn. You all should know Elie Mystal from ATL by now and if you don’t, you won’t care much about his feed.

The Funnies:
@notspitter – An anonymous Michigan 1L (supposedly) started this twitter account that chronicles the life of an uber(faux)gunner. My favorite recent tweet: “Dear Classmates: If I want to hear what “you think,” I will read your law review note when it’s published.” If I could recommend any twitter-er on this list, @notspitter would be the one.
@scalia – Well, a person purports to be Justice Scalia. Very similar in concept to Fake Steve.
@smsotomayor – Similar to @Scalia, except this is fake Sotomayor’s feed.

The Most Important:
@DailyWrit – In many ways, I am surprised that @aplusk is beating me. Weird, huh?
@kedarbhatia – Me.

If you can think of any other good ones that I’ve forgotten, post them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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