The Court sat for its traditional “class photo” yesterday, to the apparent amusement of less than half the members of the current Court.

You can also find a video taken at the loosely termed “photo shoot” here. I should note that the Court released a few different photos from the shoot and in all of them, Justice Alito looks determined to avoid having his soul captured by the liberal photograph-making devices being pointed at him.

Supreme Court class photos have a tradition of capturing bizarre moments. One of my favorites is the class photo from 1986, taken after Chief Justice Rehnquist’s promotion and Justice Scalia’s arrival on the bench. Thurgood Marshall gives the camera his best smile, but he seems surprised to still be on the court.


Another all-time favorite is this below, taken in 1925. Note that the two Justices standing on the left, Justices Stanford and Sutherland, look nearly identical. The Justices standing on the right also look like they could be related.

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