For all the trivia nerds out there, I forgot to mention two important, but oft-unmentioned facts about yesterday’s argument.

General Kagan opted not to wear the traditional grey morning coat that male Solicitors General wear. Instead, according to the WSJ Law Blog, she wore a blue pants suit. Of course, the writing was on the wall.

11-9846-106_croppedAdditionally, the the formal collar worn by Sotomayor and gifted to her by Justice Ginsburg, is called a jabot (pronounced zha-BO). In their recent interviews with C-SPAN, both Justice Ginsburg and Justice O’Connor expressed a lot of frustration at their initial difficulty in obtaining proper judicial couture, so I suspect this gift was much more meaningful than we would typically assume.

I mentioned some of this stuff on the DailyWrit’s Twitter, but I’m getting a little lazy about posting these factoids with all deliberate speed. My apologies.

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