In anticipation of Sonia Sotomayor’s first oral argument next week, C-SPAN has revealed a 10-minute excerpt of interviews with several Supreme Court Justices. C-SPAN had previously announced that October 4-12 would be “Supreme Court Week” featuring interviews with each of the Justices, but it has announced just excerpts from those interviews that deal with issues like women on the Court, duties of the junior justice, and the impact of personnel changes on the Court.

The video are interesting, as moving-pictures of the Justices always are for this blogger, but don’t really reveal anything particularly scandalous. You can hear about Justice O’Connor and Justice Ginsburg grappling with the always-important issue of proper Judicial attire, but for the most part the Justices stick to the script. The full interviews, which will be broadcast in batches throughout the first week in October, should provide some interesting insight into the Court’s functions at this critical time in it’s history. The video published yesterday features interviews from Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Kennedy, Justice Thomas, Justice Ginsburg, Justice, Breyer, Justice Alito, and Justice O’Connor.

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