The NY Times has an interesting story about Ted Olson’s participation in the same-sex marriage case out of California. It isn’t particularly insightful, but this case could become important in the next few years so it’s nice to know a bit more about it.

The article does note however, that Olson has won 44 out of 55 cases, which is an incredibly impressive record. I have to mention though, that many of those cases came while he was the SG for a conservative President and before a fairly conservative Court. His record reminds me a bit of Thurgood Marshall’s record of winning 29 out of 32 cases, although many (most?) of his came while he was counsel for the NAACP arguing against a hostile Court.

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  1. 1 James

    Thanks for finally acknowledging the whole conservative-advocates-are-more-successful-before-conservative-courts thing. Sometimes I think you make way too big a deal out of advocates’ records; in my opinion, there are far too many contributing factors in a particular decision to assign any agency at all to the work done by an advocate in oral arguments. I mean, just look at Justice Thomas, who says that the briefs mean exponentially more to him than the oral arguments. And my suspicion is that although Thomas is the only Justice to have articulated that idea, many more Justices feel the same way.

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