The Washington Post has a fascinating article about Tom Goldstein that you can find here. The best quote is definitely the following:

White House officials had asked to consult Goldstein on the court vacancy, but by the time he returned from a weekend in Paris, Obama had made his choice. Determined not to miss the action, Goldstein canceled a meeting in Los Angeles with a top producer about a reality series based on his life, the rights to which were bought by Sony Pictures Television. (“They must be smoking crack,” Goldstein says.) A poker fanatic who plays with pots as large as $100,000, he also delayed plans to compete in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

A reality series? Oh dear. He also apparently pays up to $100,000 to keep up SCOTUSblog every year and made this interesting concession:

And Goldstein says he would stay silent rather than trash a court nominee who was likely to be confirmed. “My ethical role as a lawyer is not to wound my client,” he says.

Its nothing scandalous, but it is a bit upsetting. His blog is widely-read enough, though, that if he were to trash a nominee he could have a very real impact and that nominee would almost certainly find out about it eventually.

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