The Supreme Court will hand down the final three opinions of the term tomorrow when it holds its last public session before its summer recess. The Court will also bid farewell to Justice Souter, as it will likely be his last time being seen publicly as a sitting justice. The three cases are Ricci v. DeStefano (affirmative action – firefighters from New Haven), Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (campaign finance – Hillary: the Movie), and Cuomo v. Clearing House Association (Preemption – National Bank Act).

I’ve updated an up-to-date term chart for you convenience as you prepare for the final opinions of the term.

Note: Justice Kennedy has only issued 6 majority opinions. Justices Ginsburg and Alito have both issued only 7 each. My educated guess says that Justice Kennedy will author a 5-4 majority in Ricci, Justice Ginsburg with author Cuomo, and Justice Alito will author Citizens United.

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