Justice Ginsburg gave a speech recently at the Second Circuit Judicial Conference in New York. Justice Ginsburg serves as the Justice assigned to that circuit right now and that role was put in prominent view when she issued a temporary injunction last week to block Chrysler’s takeover by Fiat for a day.

Her speech can be found online here and Tony Mauro’s recap of the event can be found here.

She mentions that today is “D-Day” at the Court, meaning all dissenting opinions must be in circulation amongst the chambers. She also noted several things that aren’t at all surprising – Ricci would be decided late in the term, other 5-4 decisions are still to come, and NWAMUDNO would prove to be one of this term’s most important cases – but it always sounds odd to hear a Justice publicly acknowledge things of the sort. She also noted that she was eager to no longer be the lone female on the Court.

Her speech is pretty interesting and is certainly worth a listen.

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