Judge Sotomayor’s frequent encounters with major league sports are well-documented. She also grew up near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and is a life-long fan of the Yankees.

Justice Stevens, the Court’s longest-serving member, is a long-time fan of another famous baseball team: the Chicago. He was present at the game at Wrigley Field in 1932 where Babe Ruth made his famous “called shot” and he never fails to show off the scorecard from that game when visitors come to his office. He’s also a fan of other Chicago teams. Last year, Justice Stevens included this little quip in his concurring opinion in Rita v. US:

After all, a district judge who gives harsh sentences to Yankees fans and lenient sentences to Red Sox fans would not be acting reasonably even if her procedural rulings were impeccable.

How will the two judges interact? Will they duke out their rivalry in their opinions? Does loser have to include a reference to the winning team in their next opinion?

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