The Supreme Court appears to have declined review in a case filed against the Secretary of State of New Jersey that sought to nullify Barack Obama’s election to the presidency. The case, which centers on Obama’s citizenship, was not among those for which the Court accepted review on Friday; thus, watchers of the high Court expect review to be formally denied on Monday.

The Supreme Court’s decision to deny review functionally ends the viability of any conspiracy theory concerning Obama’s citizenship. Even if the Court were to have accepted review, the case would have to have been heard and ruled upon before the “safe harbor” date for Electoral College votes, which is this coming Tuesday, December 9th. The other possibility was that the Court could stay the meeting of the Electoral College, slated for December 15th, pending review.

The denial means that there are now no legal barriers to stop Obama from locking in his 365 Electoral Votes on Tuesday, en route to becoming the 44th President of the United States.

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