Help- I Need To Find An Old Book

Ever since I located a glorious set of old books at a friends hosue, I’ve been hankering to purchase a particular antiquarian book. I’ve been on the search for a version of Giles Duncombe’s Tryals Per Pais (1655.) I’d prefer an early edition, but I found a 4th edition printed in 1702 for $850 (here). I called the bookstore and they told me they only had a 1766 print for $650 (here) but I’m disinclined to get it.

I found a first edition for $2500 (here), but unfortunately thats a bit much for a poor student like myself. I was definitely looking to spend less than $750 on this book but I would definitely go for the 1702 print at $850 if the opportunity presented itself.

Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the book? I’m also looking for an inexpensive first edition (pardon the oxymoron) of The Common Law, but that I’ve already come to cope with the fact that that is nothing but a pipe dream. An early english version of either of Burlamaqui’s two masterpeices, Principes du droit naturel (1747) and Principes du droit politique (1751), would also be greatly appreciated. Are there any other classics that I need?

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