Today is the 6-month anniversary of the DailyWrit. Accordingly, if the DailyWrit were an infant, it would have just started babbling, expecting baths, and enjoying a good cuddle.

It seems like just a few days ago I was rambling about a Supreme Court-related blog post to a friend when he, presumably tired of listening to my ranting and raving, suggested that I start my own law blog. I purchased my server space a few days later on March 23 and I made my first post on March 31. The post was a good one, but certainly not one of my best.

At it’s 6-month checkup, this doctor is pleased to announce that the DailyWrit is 187 posts, 163 comments, and 91 categories heavy. That just beats the 1 post-per day standard that I wanted to follow from the beginning. We had an action-packed April, May, and June. Oddly enough, July – a month with no Court cases – was the month with the most activity on this site. August and September saw a rather steep decline in activity due largely to the fact that I am working 25 hours-per-week and taking 16-hours of class. It has taken me some time, but I am just beginning to balance those two things in a way that leaves time for eating, sleeping, and blogging. Hopefully my (nonexistant) fan-base will forgive my brief absence and will allow me to pick up in October where we left off in July.

Like any good 6-month old child, the DailyWrit recognizes its family. First off, Hi Mom (apparently an avid reader of the site)! In a similar fashion, I’d like to extend thanks to all of the people who have helped out with the DailyWrit in one capacity or another. James, Yao, Gary, and AJ have pushed this site in a direction that I could have never imagined on account of my limited knowledge and stunted imagination. James deserves my thanks for his past contributions to the now-dormant 2008 Election Coverage. AJ, despite only posting once, probably deserves credit for nearly every post (here, here, here, and here in particular) for the criticism he provides daily in an effort to prove that I am truly the greatest farce ever. I couldn’t forget Chelsea, who, despite not posting, is probably 90% of the reason that this blog transitioned from a random expense into something that I have continued for 180 days (I still have a list of your recommended names in the event that I need to change!)

I hope you enjoy reading posts for the next 6 months just as much as I will enjoy writing them.

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