A Look At Deluge

The massive downpour of cases on Tuesday has placed the docket five cases ahead of last year. The problem, however, is that the Court despite placing many of the cases on expedited review for the January session, the December session still has only seven cases available. If the Court hears only seven cases in December, it will hear only one case per day on 5 out of 6 days or it will cancel a few days of oral arguments.

Of the cases accepted on Tuesday, twelve are on the fast track towards the January session while the other five will probably be heard in February. A session of 12 cases would require the Court to sit for more days than it has in the past, but I can’t imagine that they expedited these cases if they didn’t have a valid reason. The five cases that weren’t put on the expedited track are Quanta, Kentucky Retirement, Gomez-Perez, Ali v. Achim, and Meadwestvaco.

You can find an index with all of the cases here.

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