Florida Smackdown

The Democratic National Committee voted to take away Florida’s electoral power at the national convention if Florida kept its January 29th primary date. Synopsis: Florida, in an attempt to make the candidates actually care about the state (“put me in, coach!”), moved up their primary date from February to January, hoping to steal the thunder from New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina.

Of course, leave it to the Republicans to monkeywrench a Florida election again. It turns out that Republican majorities in Florida and Michigan (which wants to have its electoral bonanza on January 15th) voted to move up the dates, apparently against the will of Democrats in the state (I say “apparently” because Dems could just being using this as an excuse).

Regardless of who is to blame…

Many argue that Florida will benefit from an earlier primary date because candidates will directly address the issues of the Florida electorate. I’m not entirely sure that will be the case. It’s not like the candidates will change or alter their platform to appeal to Florida voters. And empirically the issues brought up in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other early primary/caucus states haven’t been the top legislative priorities for presidents post-election.

The argument that states like Florida lose electoral clout by not having an early primary are absurd. States with large numbers of votes in the electoral college (Florida, California, etc.) seem to be the ones wanting earlier primaries, and yet they’re also the states that get the most attention in the months leading up to the election. In fact, the whole point of having Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada host early primaries is that they won’t be getting any attention during the final straightaway.

There’s also the race to the bottom front argument, where states will try to beat each other to the earliest primary date. In fact, I honestly don’t know why Michigan doesn’t move its primary date to tomorrow. Or maybe January 15th can be the primary for the 2016 election, yes?

Last note: this may be the most frightening picture of Hillary ever taken. If this doesn’t kill her campaign, nothing will.

2 Responses to “Florida Smackdown”

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