I’m getting bored with political news so I decided to take a look at the upcoming court term. So far, the Court has accepted 26 cases for review (I combined Boumediene and Al-Odah and the two Washington State Cases.) 22 of the 26 came came from the Circuit Courts, with six coming from the 2nd Circuit, three from the 11th, and two each from the 4th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. Sixteen are civil suits, six are criminal cases, and four are Habeus appeals. You can take a look at a full list of cases at my 2007 Term Case Index where you can also find my data in an Excel spreadsheet. Here are the most notable and interesting cases:

Boumediene v. Bush and Al-Odah v. US- These are the two high-profile Gitmo cases. The court originally rejected appeal on these cases in April but reversed two months later in a surprising turn of events. The NY Times hypothesized that Stephen Abrahmson’s testimony played a major role in the reversal but I’m skeptical.

Kimbrough v. US- The Court here accepted appeal on the long standing 100:1 ratio of Cocaine-to-Crack punishment standard.

Danforth v. Minnesota- Danforth takes a look at retroactive application of Supreme Court criminal decisions on cases in State Courts. The Supreme Court is asked whether or not a state can use its own retroactive tests or whether they need to use the Supreme Court’s test in judging retrials on the state level.

Those are the only interesting cases I’ve found after a quick runthrough, but I’m sure that as I learn more about each, some interesting questions will arise. Only 69 days until the first day of arguments!

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