I absolutely abhor Fox News. This isn’t like my moderate disdain for useless celebrities or judicial activist who champion judicial restraint- this is full fledged loathing. During this particularly slow news week, Fox has gotten even worse than usual after reporting consecutive stories about Miss New Jersey, missing girls and missing girls. Its cool and all that they want to give ‘news’ time to covering the cases of missing children, but I think they might be taking it a little bit overboard when they cover those missing children almost exclusively. Sure, my opinion is selfish and largely inconsiderate, but I also think that by passing off this farce as ‘real news’, Fox is committing a grave disservice to its viewership. Forget ‘fair and balanced news,’ if Fox could just provide real news, I’d be happy to watch. I love reading and watching the far left and the far right because they provide endless hours of close-minded hilarity, but Fox News doesn’t even give me anything to laugh about (usually).

Oh, and their anchors are terrible. Terrible is a grave understatement, they are criminally ignorant and unnecessarily obscene. Have you ever seen the show Red Eye that comes on circa midnight? The general idea of the show is to combine silly stories and talking heads, remove ordinary censoring restraints, and allow ‘comedy’ to ensue. The problem is that the stories aren’t funny, the talking heads are bad at talking (and making jokes), and the late-night time slot allows jew, gay, women, and fat jokes that also lack even a shred of comedic value. The only thing funny about Red Eye is that it airs 4 hours after another show on the same network that spews conservative talking points about the youth-movement and that crazy secular-progressive agenda. Check out the transcript of one episode here:

GREG GUTFELD, HOST, “RED EYE”: which means for like 20 to 30 minutes a day she hangs upside down like a fat lesbian vampire bat. So that can’t be good for you.

Wow. What more can I say?

picture-1.pngThe way Fox panders to is infantile audience actually makes me physically noxious. I was checking out their video clips and this was the information on one of them. ‘Does money get you elected?’ (!!!!!) What would you say to someone who asked you that question?

2 Responses to “I. Hate. Fox. News.”

  1. 1 susan Larson

    I had Pass this Article onto a Fox News website I hope The Staff there Enjoy It Have A great Day

  2. 2 Chuck S

    Fox News is not a “News” Network. It is a Propaganda Network.
    EVERY commentator seems to be a conservative, rabid Republican. I’m clear they have “token” others. But I am a moderate independent. I have voted for an equal numner of Republican and Democratic Presidential nominees over the last 6 presidential elections. But I now always “flash” to the next channel when I encounter Fox News. They are biased and I don’t believe that is any accident. Instead of FNN, they should be dubbed RON (Republican Opinion Network).

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