A recent MTV poll found that 68% of young Americans would vote for a candidate who has used marijuana. Good news for Obama. 25% would vote for a gay candidate, but only 22% would vote for a candidate who has used cocaine (bad news for Tom Tancredo). 41% of youngsters have favorable opinions of Hillary Clinton and BaraCk Obama, which is higher than Giuliani (32%), McCain (20%), Romney (7%(YIKES!)), Thompson (10%), and Edwards (24%). 59% of those polled say “most people” they know wouldn’t vote for a Mormon, while 38% wouldn’t vote for a woman and 30% wouldn’t vote for an African-American.

Bad news for Romney: 63% “haven’t heard enough” to form an opinion, which is 11% more people than “hadn’t heard enough” to form an opinion last month. That’s intriguing to me, because quite a few Iowans are feeling more and more informed about ol’ Mitt. With that state’s caucus quickly approaching (DailyWrit’s full calendar of 2008 Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions here), Romney has pulled into a comfortable lead:

2008 GOP Iowa Caucus from DailyWrit

New Hampshire, too!

2008 GOP New Hampshire Primary from DailyWrit

Look at those trendlines! Looks like Gary’s prediction about McCain could be right on.

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