I uploaded both the Republican and Democratic polls over at the Election 2008 Tracker. Try clicking on the charts to see a bigger view, I’m testing a new script that should add a pretty neat effect to the pictures when you click on them.

In the democrat’s poll, you can see a clear-cut frontrunner (Clinton) and the other presidential hopefuls stay somewhat in position.

On the Republican’s side, the field looks a little more muddled. Most information shows Giuliani with a clear lead although that lead has diminished. McCain, originally thought of as a potential frontrunner, has been losing steam ground to the Thompson camp (I won’t call it a campaign for obvious reasons.) Romney has trailing behind for some time now and he seems to be picking up only a bit of steam.

As I add more data to these graphs, hopefully a more clear picture of the Republican race will present itself. I doubt it.

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