Who would’ve thought that millions of dollars in blood money could manufacture more votes than my endorsement?

Turns out Dallas didn’t quite agree with me on the Oakley issue. You can read an article analyzing how Leppert won here. Basically, he’s not gay.

In equally unnewsworthy news, today is the last day of Laura Miller’s tenure as Dallas mayor. She fixed a lot of potholes, built a big homeless shelter (man, that was expensive!), pissed off smokers, presided over some agreement about a ineffectual airport that I really don’t understand, didn’t really do anything about crime, and was generally mediocre at best. You can read an article about her legacy here.

Tom Leppert today announced his intention to make Dallas, one of most business-friendly cities in America, business-friendly. He also wants to make us safer. I for one am enthused by his innovative, unconventional thinking.

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