8:00: Larry King is scheduled to have some big guests soon, but I’m done liveblogging for the night.

8:00: The debate is over.

7:57: They are glorifying Reagan. Romney is totally dodging the issue. I’m not impressed. Hunter made some crazy claims against McCain, Romney, and Giuliani. I dont know if any of them really defended themselves. Hunter’s accusations werent particularly straightforward so I guess their vague defenses are justified. McCain and Giuliani talk about national defense in surprisingly straightforward terms, but Romney is totally vague.

7:53: Giuliani’s response to the American issue is very silly. McCain now chooses to sit. He’s sitting back in his chair and leaning on one arm. He looks sloppy.

7:50: Tomcredo has a facist response to ‘what does it mean to be an American?’ He argues that it means to ‘cut your ties with the past.’ Idiot.

7:47: They make some pretty serious jabs at Bush. “we elected a conservative and he came into office as a liberal”- or something like that. It looks like the main issues are Iraq and immigration- shocker

7:41: McCain looks uncomfortable. He makes a cute little joke in spanish. I think he got hit by some of the lighting because he suddenly looks a little more alive. Regardless, he still looks and sounds old.

7:39: They attack Romney on his spanish-language website. He goes off topic and talks about something that I can’t follow. I guess I’m a stupid-head.

7:37: Brownback- “I’m super-duper pro-life” (almost exact quotation.) He’s obviously taking a HUGE jab at Giuliani. ZOMG – what a jab at Giuliani. I’m a little surprised that Wolf went for the jugular.

7:36: This talk about moral issues is stupid.

7:35: I think Huckabee will benefit from all the talk about how he is an ordained minister.

7:29: Thompson stands and starts yelling about healthcare. He sounds a little too loud. I think a lot of the republican base will lap up his faux-excitement.

7:27: Giuliani, McCain, Gilmore stand. Hunter sits

7:24: Tancredo looks awkward in the chair. He sits, others stand. I think sitting looks better. This segment is about conversational style, not oratorical skill.

7:23: Woman wants to know if we can have conservative and conservation- Jim Gilmore talks in vague terms about how he did that in Virginia. Then he mentions people defending the country(?) and immigration(?). He ends vaguely on the topic.

7:20: Unlike the democrats, the republicans almost all look alike.

7:19: Maybe I’m a bad person, but their sympathies to that woman and her brother seem totally contrived.

7:08: I love these signing sessions. They’re so awesome.

7:06: The talk of pardoning Libby will infuriate dems, but its increasingly obvious that these people aren’t worried about that right now.

7:02: I think the whole ‘how would you use bush/clinton?’ is very silly. The answers are stupid and largely irrelevent.

6:57: Rudy- ‘Not the time to deal with disruptive issues.’ – very silly

6:55: Wow..Immigration isnt that important. Huckabee needs to go with the flow.

6:54: Ron Paul- swing and miss. He has to pick up a lot of steam and I don’t seem him doing it.

6:51: I love how the republicans walk a fine line between appeasing their base by agreeing with their beliefs and appeasing their base by appearing to be ‘strong and unwavering.’ Romney talked about how his faith didnt matter, then mentioned that his faith is everything to him and he wont give it up.

6:48: Romney loves God. Oh my.

6:45: The Republicans are flaunting their faith like the dems flaunted their anti-poverty cred.

6:44: I know Huckabee wasn’t on earth 6,000 years ago, but I think McCain was- lets ask him about adam and eve.

6:43: Huckabee makes an firm line between creationism and evolution. lawl. He quotes MLK Jr.

6:42: Romney made me believe he was conservative with that answer, I wonder what others think.

6:41: I approve of Giuliani’s answer to biblesomething.

6:40: I’m surprised that one of them hasn’t had a pacemaker failure yet.

6:40: Talking about Fred Thompson is silly. Why is Tommy talking about his conservative cred?

6:35: My personal opinion- The fence is one of the top 10 stupidest mainstream political ideas in the last 5 years.

6:35: Tommy Thompson is funny looking. He looks like he’s missing hair on the right side of his head. Is it too soon to say that?

6:32: They’re attacking Bush’s immigration fence. I like the olympic joke, but this view is way too nativist for my taste.

6:30: I’m feeling Giuliani’s answers. He’s being ‘assertive,’ one of the things that people said he was lacking.

6:28: McCain is looking like an idiot. I’ve never seen someone with so many good ideas present them so poorly.

6:25: I think Tancredo was tossed a pitch right over the plate- he botched it. I think he has the perfect opportunity to answer in a straightforward way and he didnt.

6:22: Romney looks so Presidential. He’s answering questions like a frontrunner (see: Hilary two nights ago)

6:20: I expected the republicans to attack the democrats more.

6:18: Brownback- ‘Iran hates Israel’ – ZOMG?! I can’t believe it. He must have read the news in the last….25 years.

6:17: Tancredo’s answer to Iraq question could really appeal to the base. It was straightforward

6:14: I am pleasently surprised at the straightforward nature of some of these Iraq answers. Ron Paul is an idiot.

6:10: McCain’s preface to the Petraeus question is just silly. He seems terribly anemic today. He is also TOTALLY OFF TOPIC! Wolf Blitzer is being nice by not calling him out as much as he should.

6:08: I think it is unfair to ask McCain and Brownback alone the question about reading the document. This is the perfect chance to ask these guys to raise their hands.

6:06: Romney totally dodges the first question and doesn’t do a particularly good job at it. Giuliani knows how to exploit Romney’s weakness.

6:05: I love the malfunctioning buzzer

6:02: I like the notion of having Wolf do both debates. The Republicans have much, much longer intros than the dems. They’re also pretty stupid. The ‘hope’ joke was silly. ‘champion of the constitution’- lawl

6:00: Lou Dobbs spent a lot of time talking about Fred Thompson. I don’t think Thompson can hold out as long as Al Gore. Gore has money and name recognition that Thompson can’t even begin to fathom.

5:55: This post will be the liveblog for the Republican debate tonight. Lets have some fun.


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    This is riveting.

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