Getting Bored

SCOTUSblog is getting a little too anxious about the cases that are scheduled to come down tomorrow. They posted today an almost ridiculously detailed schedule of what SHOULD happen tomorrow. If it happens tomorrow just as they suspect, I will be impressed to a degree I have never been before. Regardless, check it out, it’s pretty interesting.

Update: Oh my. How Appealing commented on the premature evaluation that SCOTUSblog granted today. They also mentioned the r-word: retirement. The most popular time for retirements is the end of the term so I’m surprised that we haven’t heard more speculation. It probably has to do with the fact that all the justices are currently in good health and those that are getting old (Stevens) don’t wan to give up power. Primarily though, all the Justices are healthy, wealthy, and (periodically) wise.

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