Farewell, 2006 Term Case Index

picture-9.pngI made one final update to the 2006 Term Case Index. I’ll be sad to see it go but I have big plans for it’s 2007 incarnation. I very recently (this morning) calculated the number of days between oral arguments and a decision being handed down in each of this year’s cases. I think a lot of interesting analysis could be extracted from this data and I will be compiling it into excel for as soon as I can. I plan on compiling data next year in both excel and html version.

I’ll be posting the 2007 Term Case Index as soon as I feel that I have completeld the appropriate mourning period for my current index. It’s already set up, but I think it would just be too soon if I put it up now. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to check out the Election 2008 Tracker. I’m struggling with how to make the graphs look better. Right now they look jumbled and are hard to read- I’ll work on that very soon.

I’ve written a java file that can compute the number of days in between two dates. It’s been particularly useful in preparing me for my java test as well as allowing me to compute quite a bit of court data in a short period of time. If anyone wants to have the code, shoot me an email.

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