…kinda. It will actually turn 101 as soon as I publish this post. The last post, the one about stare decisis was actually the 100th post on the DailyWrit. Its not a terribly big deal, but I think we’ve come a long way in the 3 months that the DailyWrit has been online. I purchased my server on March 23 and the first post came 8 days later on March 31. I don’t have much else to say because this is really a pretty minor anniversary, but I thought a celebratory post would be nice and I didn’t want to spoil the semi-serious one that I just wrote. I hope you enjoy reading the next 100 just as much as I will enjoy writing them.

1 Response to “DailyWrit Turns 100!”

  1. 1 Tyler

    Congrats Kedar! I knew you could do it.

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